Reckless Drunk Driver Injures Trucker on I-26 in Polk Co., NC

A tractor-trailer operator suffered injuries when his semi was struck by an out-of-control car on I-26 through Polk County, North Carolina (NC). The September 16, 2015, crash occurred between the exits to Airport Road and Skyland.



According to a report from the State Highway Patrol, the car's driver had been passing other vehicles while driving on the interstate median. When he reentered the roadway, he lost control, skidded across several lanes and collided with the big rig. The force of the impact caused the tractor-trailed to roll over, which led to the trucker being injured.

The at-fault driver also sustained serious injuries but will face multiple charges if he survives. Evidence indicates the man was driving under the influence of alcohol and behaving recklessly. He also has a prior DWI conviction that restricted him to a legal blood alcohol content of .04.

Commentaries on wrecks involving commercial trucks tend to focus on errors and negligence by the truckers and the trucking companies. This DWI/DUI crash south of Columbus, NC, shows, however, that truck drivers face as much risk from those who drink before taking the wheel as anyone else. Every person who drives after getting intoxicated endangers everyone else's health and life.

Sadly, drunk and drugged driving rarely occurs just one time. Recidivism among those convicted of DWI/DUI is high and difficult to prevent. These unwelcome truths make holding reckless and irresponsible intoxicated drivers essential. While the harm they inflict cannot always be stopped, ensuring they bear the consequences of their actions must happen. 


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