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Reckless Lane Change Leads to Driver Killing Motorcyclist

A motorcycle rider died after getting unexpectedly cut off by a car on the interstate outside of Richmond, Virginia (VA). The deadly wreck occurred near the Temple Avenue exit from I-95 through Colonial Heights on the night of August 6, 2015.




According to reports, a car's driver initiated the fatal crash when he ran off the right side of the highway during an unsuccessful lane change. The car sideswiped a guardrail, careened back into traffic and wound up in the path of the motorcycle. The biker died at a hospital the following day, but the driver escaped injury. Police subsequently charged the man behind the wheel of the car with reckless driving. Heavy rain and driving too fast for conditions appear to have contributed to causing the accident.

Drivers must slow down, steer cautiously and brake carefully on rain-soaked pavement. Posted speed limits are set for perfect weather, while even the thinnest layer of water makes maintaining control of a car or truck at any speed difficult. The faster a driver goes, the harder it is to keep wheels in contact with the roadway.

The other serious danger highlighted by the motorcyclist's death in central Virginia is that too few drivers check closely enough for motorcycles and other vehicles when changing lanes, especially after the sun sets. Rearview and side mirrors leave blind spots, and distances between vehicles can be difficult to judge at night. Anyone in doubt about the safety of changing lanes should err on the side of waiting until they can confirm that the way is totally clear.


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