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Reckless Truck Drivers Set Stage for Horrifying Accident in North Carolina

Posted on Apr 11, 2011

Two trucks traveling down a North Carolina (NC) highway were recklessly playing a game of cat-and-mouse. One of the trucks hit a large piece of wood on the side of the road, catapulting the lumber directly into the windshield of a car behind the truck.

The driver of the car caught this accident on video and it is being described as one of the most terrifying accidents ever caught on camera, according to  

Here is the video of this scary NC truck accident:

This accident illustrates what can happen when truck drivers throw caution to the wind and operate their tractor trailers without regard for the safety of vehicles on the road. Fortunately, the driver of the car was not hurt, but that was largely due to pure luck. Reports indicate if the plank had hit the car a few inches to the left, this accident could have had a very different, and tragic, outcome, according to

Hopefully, truckers will see this video and understand how important it is to drive with caution, vigilance and care.


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