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Red Light Runner Causes Serious Multivehicle Accident in Newport News, VA

Whether it's in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Newport News, Virginia (VA), as you drive around town, sooner or later you'll see someone run a red light right. That becomes all the more irritating when the red light runner slows down for a yellow light and then decides to gun it at the last minute to get through the intersection. This type of careless and reckless behavior caused a multivehicle, chain-reaction accident in Newport News, Virginia (VA).

A study done by the U.S. Department of Transportation found that more than 100,000 accidents are caused each year by red light runners, and more than 1,000 deaths result from those crashes. This significant number calls for a change. Because one driver decided he or she couldn't take the time to wait for a light cycle, several people can be injured.
All the people injured can make claims against this red light runner's insurance, but with many people involved, it may make gaining full recovery from the single insurer difficult.

What should the drivers do if they are
injured in a multivehicle accident?

As a Virginia injury lawyer who has successfully handled hundreds of car accident cases, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to obtain a copy of the police report. This document should have the requisite information to help determine which vehicle initiated the accident and whose insurance you should file a claim to recoup damages for car repairs. You should also collect the contact information of the individuals involved in the accident, just in case testimony is required for a trial. You can also read our free consumer guide, The Best Guide to Car Accident Injuries in Virginia

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