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Red-Light Runner Kills 1, Injures 11 in Mt. Airy, NC

One woman died and 11 people suffered injuries when two SUVs collided at the bottom of an interstate off ramp south of Mt. Airy, North Carolina (NC). The deadly crash at the interchange between I-74 and U.S. 601 occurred on July 6, 2016.



According to State Highway Patrol investigators, the driver who caused the fatal wreck ran a red light when exiting the interstate. The deceased victim was behind the wheel of the other vehicle, and one of the surviving passengers went to a hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, head injuries. Three other passengers also required hospital treatment. Charges for failing to stop at a signal, causing a death while operating a motor vehicle and driving without a license have been filed against the red light runner.

The injured passengers from both vehicles and the family of the woman who lost her life appear to have solid grounds for filing insurance claims for personal injuries and a wrongful death. However, a woman who does not have a driver's license is unlikely to carry liability insurance sufficient to cover a combination of 12 settlements and court awards. Consulting with a knowledgeable and caring Carolina car accident attorney about how to access uninsured and underinsured motorist provisions of their own auto insurance policies could help the crash victims avoid the worst financial consequences of the wreck.


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