Red Light Running May Slow Down Avoiding Virginia Beach Accidents | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

As an injury lawyer practicing in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA),  I was glad to see that the city is bringing back the red light cameras at big intersections which will reduce car crashes by 40 percent according to the Virginia Beach Police Department.  Drivers at big intersections like Virginia Beach Boulevard and Independence Boulevard will get a citation for not obeying the traffic signal just based upon a camera taking a picture of the license plate under the new system.  The idea is to promote safety on the roads by getting people to obey the red light.  It may also provide information useful when we have an insurance case against a driver who runs the red light at these intersections, to prove that they did in fact fail to stop where they should have.  This could be invaluable in a lawsuit for serious injury or wrongful death in Virginia Beach where the case would otherwise be a he said/she said as to who had the red light.  It provides an electronic eye witness to show that the at-fault driver did in fact drive dangerously. 

          The intersections where these are going in, in addition to the one mentioned above which is in the Pembroke area in the new town center part of Virginia Beach, include the following:


1.         Indian River Road and Kempsville Road


2.         Holland Road at Rosemont Road


3.         Indian River Road at Military Highway


4.         General Booth Boulevard at Dam Neck Road


5.         Princess Anne Road at Lynnhaven Parkway


6.         Princess Anne Road at Dam Neck Road


7.         Virginia Beach Boulevard at Great Neck Road and London Bridge Road


8.         Independence Boulevard at Bonnie Road and Euclid Road


When a similar system was tested for some two years in 2004 and 2005, a nine-month period resulted in 17,000 tickets being issued.  That is an amazing number of red light violators in Virginia Beach posing a menace to everyone else on the road.


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