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Reminder From a Virginia Injury Lawyer: Drunk Driving Is No Laughing Matter

Police recently arrested a man that they found passed out drunk, behind the wheel in his SUV, According to WSIL-TV, apprehending the suspect was simple because the police found him in the county jail parking lot with a bottle of beer nearby.

The driver had to be taken an entire 20 feet to get into the jail.  Once there, he was charged with driving under the influence, illegal transportation of alcohol, having an uninsured vehicle and improper use of registration.

While this story is amusing, drunk driving is not. As Virginia personal injury attorneys, we recently helped four victims of a drunk driving accident who suffered injuries that required treatment over many months. We hope that the money they were awarded after we resolved all of their claims will help them move forward in their lives, unhampered by the stress of medical bills.

We believe that to decrease the damaging effects of drunk driving, people should consider five factors:


If you or a loved one are suffering from injuries caused by a drunk driver, please speak with an attorney about your options.




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