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Fatal Reno, Nevada Plane Crash at Air Show Also Injures 56 People

A sunny day, fabulous airplane stunts and the smell of popcorn is what most people think of when they hear an air show is coming to town. Although air shows can be exciting and entertaining, they can also be fatal.

In a scene straight out of the movie Pearl Harbor, a World War II-era
fighter plane plunged into the stands at an air show in Reno, Nevada (NV), leaving 3 dead and injuring at least 56. The cause of the deadly plane wreck has yet to be fully investigated. The plane crashed right into the box seat section of the air show, and the pilot has been identified as among the fatalities.

What are your rights when trying to recover from a devastating accident like this? No one could have predicted the disaster, and many people would not think even twice about taking small children to an air show. As a
Virginia (VA) aircraft injury attorney and a pilot myself, I would have to say that due to the catastrophic nature of this accident, hiring an attorney is the best move for all those injured. 

Although no one can say for sure where an aircraft will land when a failure of control occurs, greater safety precautions could have been made to position spectators farther way from the action.  
Aviation accidents and airplane crashes are subject to a wide range of laws, treaties, and regulations, and it takes dedicated, experienced counsel to successfully handle an aviation case.

The personal injury lawyers with our law firm have the experience and specialized knowledge to represent individuals and families who have suffered some type
of loss in an airplane accident, or other aviation caastrophe. In cases involving deaths, the families of the people killed can file wrongful death claims under state laws whether the fatalities occurred in Virginia or any other state.

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