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Renowned Pediatric Cancer Doctor Killed in Motorcycle Crash

As Virginia (VA) motorcycle accident injury attorneys we know that it doesn’t matter how old, how educated or how safe a rider is, it’s nearly impossible to avoid a crash when an at-fault driver fails to yield the right-a-way.  This was the case recently when a world renowned physician was killed in a motorcycle crash.  He was on his way to work when a landscaping truck turned left into his path of travel.  What makes this story even more tragic is that the driver failed to stop and the doctor--who for more than three decades focused his practice on pediatric cancer and blood disorders--died alone

A similair scenario happened to a client of ours for whom we were able to obtain a $450,000 settlement.  Our client had been riding his motorcycle down the road on a beautiful sunny day when a young, inattentive driver turned into his lane amputating his leg below the knee.   Our client was driving with his 13-‑year-old step daughter on the back of his bike at the time of the accident.

Many serious motorcycle accidents result in death or life-threatening injuries to the rider.  A motorcycle accident victim with broken or crushed limbs will need surgery at best, and an amputation at worst. Head and spine injuries are even more difficult to treat. A serious spine injury can leave a person disabled and in pain for the rest of his life. Head injuries pose the greatest risk of all because the injury isn’t necessarily apparent at the time of the crash.

A biker can suffer a traumatic brain injury without having a single bruise on his head, and the symptoms of the injury can appear hours or in some cases days later. Even then, symptoms such as dizziness or fatigue are often misdiagnosed, which further delays treatment.


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