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Report Reveals How Dangerous Nation’s Roads Are for Pedestrians

For the past four years, the National Complete Streets Coalition and Smart Growth America has released a report, Dangerous by Design, which examines the epidemic of pedestrian accidents taking place across the country. 

According to the report’s statistics, between 2003 and 2015, almost 50,000 people were killed while walking America’s streets. Data from 2015, which is the most current year data is available for, reveals that 5,376 people were killed by a vehicle while they were walking. This is an increase from 2014 when 4,884 pedestrians were killed. On average, fifteen pedestrians were hit by cars and killed every day in 2015.

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Another 676,000 people were injured by vehicles while they were on foot. That comes out to a person being hit by a vehicle every eight minutes. Pedestrians represent almost 15 percent of all traffic deaths that occur each year.

The data used for this report also revealed that there are a disproportionate number of victims based on age and race. Statistics show that children, elderly people and people of color have the highest number of pedestrian accidents.

The authors of the report also point out that we are almost eight times more likely to die from getting hit by a car than we are of getting killed in a natural disaster, such as a flood, hurricane, or tornado.

Are Roads Pedestrian Safe?

The authors suggest that the primary reason why so many people are killed or injured in pedestrian accidents is that the majority of roads in this country are designed for traffic and not for people. The main goal when these roads were built was to keep the traffic flowing as quickly as possible. Pedestrian safety was not considered during the road designs.

These roads are built by and maintained with federal funds. They are also built to federal standards. As the report points out, any efforts to fixing this epidemic would have to be a national project that is supported by the federal government.

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