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Richmond, VA Hit-and-Run Injures One

A Richmond, Virginia (VA), hit-and-run crash at the intersection of Jefferson Davis Highway and Maury Street sent a scooter rider to the hospital with serious injuries. police have arrested a person they believe to have been the driver of the vehicle who caused the collision at around 11:20 pm on March 9, 2012.

Hit-and-run crashes are unbelievably selfish accidents. Many at-fault drivers flee the scene because they have warrants for their arrest outstanding, and others fear they will face expensive charges. But leaving the scene of an accident will only make matters worse.

As a Viginia car crash attorney, I’ve seen hit-and-run accidents end far worse than this one. The Richmond police should be applauded for locating the suspect. I can only hope the injured victim will make a speedy recovery. Pedestrians and those riding on motorcycles, bicycles or scooters are in far greater danger than those in cars or SUVs on the road. Wrecks are always life-threatening, but the sheer size match up between the average car and the average scooter makes it all the more dangerous.

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