Safer roads for Richmond, Va. cyclists and pedestrians are in the works, according to

Richmond city officials have plans to create more ‘people-friendly paths’ or ‘greenways’, which would be designated for bicyclists and pedestrians and would help make foot and pedal traffic both simpler and safer.  The commission planning this effort “also envisions an extensive network of on- and off-road trails, trail maps, bike racks and bike-sharing programs,” according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The need for designated bike and pedestrian lanes has long been an issue for the city of Richmond, which has a prominent biking and walking community.  Areas that are dense or have a high traffic volume, like Downtown Richmond, can pose a serious safety threat to these communities.

A study conducted by the City of Richmond showed that in the past decade, 410 cyclists and 975 pedestrians have been struck by vehicles. In addition, 17 pedestrians and one cyclist have been killed as the result of being struck by a vehicle.

We commend the city officials for listening to its community and making strides to improve traffic safety. Nationwide, cyclist and pedestrian safety is also very much an issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in 2008, “716 pedalcyclists were killed and an additional 52,000 were injured” due to traffic crashes.

Although a plan to revamp Richmond roads in the making, bicyclists and pedestrians should still exercise caution when commuting. Wearing bright colors and travelling on streets with low volume traffic can be helpful.  It is also helpful to avoid known dangerous intersections. has list the following dangerous intersections for pedestrians and cyclists:

Most dangerous intersections for cyclists:

Belvidere and Broad
Broad Rock and Warwick
Fairfield and Mechanicsville
Harrison and Broad
Floyd and Boulevard

Most dangerous intersections for pedestrians:

Harrison and Grace
Broad and 2nd
Harrison and Broad
Belvidere and Broad
Main and 17th

If you are a cylist or pedestrian who has been injured in a traffic accident, please contact our offices to discuss your case and legal options.