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Richmond, VA School Kids Injured When Bus Gets Rear-Ended

A rear-end collision involving a public school bus and a pickup truck sent four children to hospitals with injuries. The crash occurred right next to the Virginia State Capitol at the intersection of Bank and 9th streets in downtown Richmond on January 29, 2015. According to witnesses, the bus driver had to stop suddenly when a semi pulled out in front of the vehicle transporting students to the Richmond Alternative School.



News reports left it unclear whether police would file charges against any of the drivers. Investigators must consider whether the commercial truck driver had right of way to enter the intersection, whether the bus driver should have been stopped before a crash became a possibility, and whether the person behind the wheel of the pickup was following the bus too closely, speeding or distracted. More than one driver could also have made an error or been negligent.

Fortunately, none of the children taken to hospitals for treatment appear to have suffered critical or disabling injuries. While that undoubtedly provides the boys and girls' parents some peace of mind, even brief visits to emergency rooms, hospitals and doctors offices for follow-up care can leave families with large medical bills. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer based in Virginia who has experience helping parents receive compensation from organizations and individuals responsible for hurting their children may help the families ensure they do not suffer adverse financial consequences from the Richmond wreck.

I wish the kids involved in the crash full and rapid recoveries.


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