Sincere Brooks of Richmond, Virginia (VA), might, just for a moment or two, consider herself lucky to have only sustained a serious knee injury when a car hit her as she used a crosswalk to get across Tidewater Driver in Norfolk on January 16, 2012. Despite her pain, suffering, lost wages and hospital bills, she survived the pedestrian accident and should recover. As a fatal car crash on I-64 later the same week reminded everyone, people on foot too often lose their lives when hit by a moving vehicle.

This report from WVEC Television tells Brooks’ story:

Brooks told the station that she waited for the walk signal before stepping into the street near the Walmart at Southern Shopping Center. That would mean the driver who struck her had a red light that the person either ignored or spotted too late to stop at a safe distance from the intersection. The facts of the matter remain unclear, however, because the at-fault driver did not identify him- or herself to Brooks or the other motorists who rendered assistance after the accident.

Whoever crashed into Brooks left the scene without taking responsibility for causing her injuries. In other words, this was a hit-and-run pedestrian accident that left a woman badly hurt and temporarily unable to walk or even sit without experiencing pain and muscle spasms.

Norfolk police are asking anyone with information about the wreck to call 1-888-LOCK-U-UP and share details that could help them track down the at-fault driver.

Attorneys with our Virginia Beach, VA-based personal injury law firm have helped numerous pedestrian accident victims in Norfolk receive compensation from the people who hit and hurt them. We wish Brooks a speedy and full recover and hope that the driver responsible for her suffering is identified and held to account.