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Roanoke Virginia Nursing Home Aide Fired After Nursing Home Neglect Was Reported

As America’s growing elderly population continues to grow so does elder and nursing home abuse.  So great is the problem that Pope Francis recently spoke out about it and said, “Violence against the elderly is as inhuman as that against children.  How many times are old people just discarded, victims of an abandonment that is tantamount to hidden euthanasia.”  Below is a sampling of research findings relating to abuse in long term care facilities:

  • Of all complaints regarding institutional facilities reported to long term care Ombudsmen were complaints of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.25
  • In 2000, one study interviewing 2,000 nursing home residents reported that 44% said they had been abused and 95% said they had been neglected or seen another resident neglected.26
  • A study conducted by the U.S. General Accountability Office revealed that state surveys understate problems in licensed facilities: 70% of state surveys miss at least one deficiency and 15% of surveys miss actual harm and immediate jeopardy of a nursing home resident.

As Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyers we hope that by bringing attention to the problem of elder and nursing home abuse that more people will become aware of this growing epidemic.  It was good find out that recently Virginia state regulators have revoked the license of a nursing aide who roughly handled two residents of a Roanoke nursing home and ate food from the trays of other residents as well as verbally abusing them.

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If you have suspicions that your loved one may have been or is being abused calling an experienced Virginia (VA) nursing home negligence lawyer is the first step.  At our firm we address what legal options may be available for victims of nursing home abuse. We would rather take the time to speak with you even if you are unsure about all the legalities of elder abuse because the worst thing you can do is ignore those suspicions out of fear or hesitation. Why? Because if you're mistaken, the ramifications are likely to be minimal. If you're correct, then immediate steps need to be taken to halt the abuse or neglect and legal action should be pursued against the facility and its owner.


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