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Rogue Doctors: Doctors Pay for Bad Behavior with Medical Malpractice Suit

A Syracuse, New York doctor is in big trouble and may now be facing more than a slap on the wrist for allegedly slapping anesthetized patients on the butt and called them derogatory names before surgery, a government investigation alleges.

That report says the surgeon would slap the butt or hips of some sedated patients before operating. Three staff members told investigators the doctor called patients’ names, such as "fat #@!*%" while slapping them hard.  The doctor slapped them so hard he sometimes left red marks or hand prints on their butt.

As Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyers we are shocked by how inappropriate this type of behavior is.  When a patient is sedated they are vulnerable and a doctor has a responsibility to complete his job with the utmost care.  Usually most medical malpractice cases involve patients that have been seriously injured by the negligence of a doctor or surgeonBut where there is smoke there is usually fire and since hospital staff did nothing to stop this rougue doctor it is no wonder that there were other breaches of safety at the hospital.

A report from a Sept. 9th inspection shows that a nurse violated basic infection control techniques by potentially exposing one patient to another patient's blood, not cleaning a glucometer after using it on a patient and skipping hand cleaning after removing the gloves, according to the report.

As strange as this story is a similar medical malpractice case was decided in Virginia (VA) when a female doctor was charged with mocking a patient while sedated and later telling the man he had hemorrhoids, a false diagnosis, when he did not.  Whenever a doctor, surgeon or nurse is negligent and injures a patient they should be held accountable. 

It is hard to believe but 500,000 Americans are dying each year from medical malpractice.  The number one cause of all these deaths is misdiagnosis.  Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers obtained a $650,000 verdict for a victim who was misdiagnosed by an emergency room doctor.  This misdiagnosis led to severe neurological injuries for our client who is now permanently disabled. 


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