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Route 33 Accident Leads to Serious Injuries

What Happened:

Delores Shifflett, a resident of Elkton, suffered serious injuries after her 2001 Ford Taurus was rear-ended by another vehicle. Mrs. Shufflett was traveling west on Route 33 when she came across an intersection where the traffic lights were flashing yellow because they were being worked on, according to

It is suspected that Mrs. Shifflett thought she was about to run a red light, so she stopped her car abruptly. That's when a 2000 Chevrolet Suburban slammed into her case. The force of the wreck forced Mrs. Shifflett's Taurus into the intersection.

Mrs. Shifflett had to be flown to the University of Virginia Medical Center due to the severity of her injuries.

Police charged the driver of the Suburban with reckless driving.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

Mrs. Shifflett probably has grounds to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver of the Suburban. Just because the driver is facing criminal charges does not preclude a car wreck victim from taking action through the civil justice system.

Potentially Helpful Info:

Our firm published an article discussing the types of damages that may be available to a Virginia car wreck victim. Read the article here. 

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