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Ryder Truck Driver in PA Sues for Head Injury

A man from Montgomery County, PA claimed last month that poor safety equipment on a Ryder truck caused him to fall and slam his head on the ground. He claimed that the fall gave him a concussion  and other serious injuries.

The truck driver, from Pottstown, PA sued seeks damages of more than $50,000 from the Ryder Truck Corporation on a single count of negligence.

The complaint states that the truck driver was using the Ryder Truck for his company. It has a vertical grab bar for drivers to enter and exit the cargo bay of the truck. The claim notes that the bar on this truck was damaged and bent. When he grabbed the bar to get out of the truck, its state caused him to slip and fall the bent bar caused him to slip and fall on his head and elbow on the pavement below.

The complaint states that he fractured his left elbow and also suffered a concussion. The complaint adds that he has constant headaches, blurred vision and feels lightheaded. He no longer is able to work and has lost his ability to earn income.

In our legal cases involving head and brain injuries, we sometimes face defense attorneys who paint concussions as ‘minor.’ In fact, neurologists have told us that there is no such thing as a mild concussion. Actually, all head injuries can have very serious long term consequences.
If you have suffered any type of closed head injury, it is important to visit your doctor right away and keep a close eye on symptoms. Anyone who has suffered a concussion on the job should remember that the repercussions could haunt you for decades. So, it is wise to go to your doctor and be evaluated right away.


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