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Safety Alert: Prime-Line Nonslip Bathtub Pads Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of 8,000 non-slip bathtub pads that were manufactured by Prime-Line. The recalled pads do not stick to the bathtub surface, which could cause a person to fall and suffer a serious injury.

The vinyl, textured pads are whale-shaped and white and are routinely used to prevent kids from slipping and falling in bathtubs. Falls while bathing or showering can result in torn or pulled mucles, broken bones and head and brain injuries. Our Virginia injury law firm understands the ramifications of a major fall injury since we've represented clients who were hurt in slip and fall accidents. If a young child suffers a serious slip and fall injury, it could potentially hinder their development and could even have life-altering effects.  

It is recommended that consumers stop using the recalled pads immediately and contact Prime-Line to receive a full refund.

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