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Safety Alert: When Medical Negligence Occurs on Cruise Ships

With a bustling cruise ship terminal in Norfolk, Virginia (VA) people are now setting sail on Carnival, Oceania, Silversea cruises and more.  Taking a cruise ship vacation can be an exciting and fun experience, but what if you are seriously injured on-board a ship hundreds of miles out to sea?  A medical emergency is probably the last thing cruise ship passengers think about as they set sail. However this is exactly what happened to one woman’s elderly father.  He fell and smashed his head as he was getting off the ship.  After the accident he was attended to by the cruise ship nurse.  The daughter of the injured man alleged that the nurse negligently allowed him to return to his cabin. His condition quickly deteriorated and he was transported by wheelchair back to the ship's infirmary.  Where he was then seen by a doctor, who ordered him transferred to a Bermuda hospital. But by the time her father arrived at the Bermuda hospital, more than six hours after he was first examined by the ship nurse, it was too late to save his life.

As Virginia medical malpractice lawyers we know that holding cruise ship doctors and nurses accountable for medical mistakes has been nearly impossible for injured passengers because for decades cruise lines have been insulated from legal liability when passengers receive inadequate or negligent medical care from the ship's doctors and nurses. Recently a United States Appellate Court has made it far easier for injured passengers to sue cruise lines for medical malpractice in a ruling that involved the elderly cruise ship passenger who fell during a cruise-- while docked in Bermuda.

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Whether on land or sea, medical malpractice is more common than you may think. Each year, thousands upon thousands of people are affected by the mistakes of hospitals, surgeons, and doctors - and the majority never file medical malpractice claims.  As Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyers we have a track record of success in winning cases for our injured clients.  


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