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Samsung Puts TVs on Tractor Trailers to Boost Road Safety

Most car drivers are eventually in this situation: Stuck behind a slow-moving tractor trailer on a two lane road, unable to see around if it is safe to overtake the truck.

Rather than peeking around the truck or edging into oncoming traffic, Samsung started a very interesting project on some of its trucks in Argentina: It has put large screen LCD televisions on the rear of some of its big rigs. It displays images of oncoming traffic from a wireless camera mounted on the front of the truck. This gives drivers behind the truck a clear view to potentially pass the truck and do so safely.

Samsung has not made any plans to implement this intriguing truck safety program on a larger scale yet. However, they are working with government agencies in Argentina to determine how to use such technology more on trucks in the country.

We are glad to see there are efforts under way to make it easier for people to drive more safely around tractor trailers. Driving near big rigs on the highways can be dangerous. In many cases, car drivers can get involved in accidents with trucks due to not giving them enough room when they pass, or following too closely behind them. Technology such as in the above case could make passing big rigs easier, which would be a huge improvement in public safety.

As personal injury attorneys for truck accident victims, we also are glad to see some trucking companies trying to come up with ways to make their vehicles safer. Some companies often are more interested in profits than public safety. There are 500,000 truck driving crashes per year in the US, and some of them are due to improper training and/or improper truck maintenance.  Poor training and maintenance on trucks can lead to serious accidents that injure innocent people, and we urge trucking firms to do more to keep their vehicles safe.

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