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San Francisco Court Says Family Can Sue Over Asbestos Exposure

A San Francisco state appeals court reinstated a lawsuit last week filed by a widow and her children against the Ford Motor Company as a possible source of deadly asbestos dust at a Coast Guard base, which is where her late husband worked.

The deceased worker was a civilian trainer at the base in Port Hueneme CA from 1974-2000. He regularly went to a vehicle repair shop where workers were repairing brakes that emitted clouds of asbestos-filled dust. The man filed a mesothelioma lawsuit in 2009, but passed away in 2010 at age 62 from the asbestos cancer.

The asbestos cancer lawsuit was filed in San Francisco because courts there have a fast track program that can expedite a mesothelioma lawsuit for someone who is terminally ill. Other companies have reached settlements with the widow regarding the death of her husband, but Ford is still holding out.

The lawsuit was originally dismissed in 2012 because, the court stated, the plaintiff had not proven that the deceased worker had been near any Ford products when he inhaled asbestos dust. However, the First District Court of Appeal stated last week that witnesses had provided sufficient proof to allow a jury to decide if the man had been exposed to asbestos from Ford products.

The court stated that the man had stated that he had indeed been at the shop when Ford products were being repaired, and other witnesses stated the same.

Our personal injury law firm in Virginia knows well the horrors of asbestos and mesothelioma. We often represent injured former railroad workers in mesothelioma lawsuits. Or we represent their families on their loved ones’ behalf in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Large corporations are notorious for trying to duck the financial responsibilities they owe to their former workers and their families for their asbestos cancer. That is why we wrote this guide Understanding Mesothelioma and the Devastating Impact of Asbestos on Railroad Workers. Whether you reside in Virginia or another state, you may find that this asbestos cancer guide has helpful information that can provide some potential legal options and ideas for you.

When it comes to settling mesothelioma cases in Virginia, we have a strong success record, such as this recent case that was mediated to a large, confidential settlement.


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