SC Children's Train Wreck Leads to Death and Injuries

911 calls came streaming in after a child's train ride ended in a death and several injuries on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011.

According the Associated Press, witnesses described a bloody, chaotic scene in South Carolina (SC), where a 60 year-old train in Spartanburg's Cleveland Park veered off its tracks and fell off a bridge, causing one six year-old boy's death. 28 other people were injured, many of them children, and had to be carried away in stretchers for medical treatment.

Several witnesses stated the train seemed to speed up considerably after its third lap around the park. The ride, which opened a week ahead of schedule due to warm weather, was supposed to have been checked for speed by a state inspector the previous Wednesday. However, the inspector stated after the crash that he had not checked the train's speed because its battery was dead. The inspector was later fired.

When a tragedy that involves a child's death occurs, the act causing the accident is sometimes preventable. The responsible party here may be the inspector-had he checked the train for speed the way he was supposed to, a great deal of people may have been spared heartache. His behavior and all others who could have avoided this train wreck should be looked at.
The victims deserve to be compensated, for the wrongful death of the child, as well as for any medical treatment or pain and suffering that other victims had to endure.

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