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SC Firefighter's Fatal Head Injuries Caused by Drunk Driver

VA Hit and Run Personal Injury AttorneyA hit-and-run accident at an earlier crash scene in Anderson County, South (SC), left a firefighter dead from head injuries. The fatal incident occurred at the intersection of Sandy Spring Road and Highway 76, which is also known as Clemson Highway. The victim, a now deceased emergency responder, "Was directing traffic ... when a vehicle went around a tow truck through the scene and struck the volunteer firefighter."  The impact left the firefighter with head injuries and traumatic brain injury from blunt force trauma. Despite being transported quickly to a hospital, the injured emergency responder succumbed to his wounds within a short time.

The at-fault driver fled the scene but was tracked back to his own home and arrested. He now faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, causing a hit-and-run collision and causing a death while driving. The DUI driver could also face additional criminal charges, such as violating South Carolina's move over law, which requires individuals to give police, wrecker operators and emergency medical personnel with enough space to do their jobs safely.

The person apprehended for taking the life of the Anderson County firefighter appears to have made many preventable errors in judgment. The reckless decision to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink represents just one, That initial poor choice likely also led him to misjudge the safety of proceeding through the gauntlet of people and vehicles at the site of the crash.

As a Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorney, I have seen too often how one dangerous action results in a string of riskier behaviors that, this time, resulted in tragedy. Along with my condolences to the friends and family members of the firefighter who lost his life, I send my heartfelt wish that more people make the responsible and respectful choice to not drink and drive.


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