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School Bus Crash in Dinwiddie Injures 12 Students

What happened: The driver of a school bus was traveling on the 22000 block of River Road in Dinwiddie County, Virginia (VA) when it swerved off the road and into a tree, according to A driver behind the bus witnessed the accident, came to the scene and found several students injured by the wreck. The twelve students with injuries were taken from the scene to nearby hospitals. According to the state police, the driver of the school bus, who suffered no injuries, was charged with reckless driving. 

The crash occurred at the location pictured below:

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The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective: Car accidents are a traumatic event, but the trauma is made even worse, especially for parents, when an accident involves children. A school bus driver, in particular, is expected to be an exceptionally-careful driver in order to keep their student-passengers safe while on the road. While state police have not revealed the cause of the accident, as of the date of this posting, we do know that the driver was charged with reckless driving, which indicates that they were negligent in operating the bus. This may mean that the parents of the injured students can seek legal redress through a personal injury claim. The parents should speak with a Virginia personal injury lawyer to discuss their legal options. 

Potentially Helpful Info: When a child is injured, the experience can be terrifying for the parents. Knowing where to start after the scary experience of a child’s injury is important.  Our VA personal injury lawyers have published a guide that explains the legal process behind filing injury claims for children; click here to download it. Additionally, our firm’s attorneys have written an article that describes the laws of Virginia personal injury settlements involving minors; look it over to learn the various options that parents and guardians have regarding children’s injury settlements.

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