An Albemarle Co. schools bus driver didn’t make the grade this weekend when he recklessly endangered a school bus full of disabled school children.  He pulled into the path of a pick up truck failing to yield the right-away at the intersection of Route 53 and Route 618 

According to police the bus pulled out in-front of the pick up truck.  The truck driver slammed on his breaks but was unable to stop in time, t-boning the school bus.

A teacher’s aide and two school children, ages three and four, were injured.  Thankfully all were treated and released.  Unfortunately the driver of the pick-up truck, Roy N. Toney, 48, of Charlottesville wasn’t as lucky.  He was air lifted to the University of Virginia to be treated.  Our thoughts are with him and his family as he recovers from life-threatening injuries

Albemarle Superintendent Pam Moran told reporters that the school division is conducting its own investigation.

Driving a school bus is an important job and not one to be taken lightly.  The implications of this type of wreck can be devastating.  We put our trust in the school system to hire competent drivers and our trust in the drivers to take care of our children.