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School Zone Safety Tips for Ensuring a Happy, Safe School Year

As kids head back to school this fall, buses will again take over roads during morning and afternoon traffic. The safety of our kids is critical, so many laws – often confusing and complicated ones – have been created to protect them while they use the buses. The Daily Press recently reported on school bus safety and included these tips for following school zone safety laws:

  • Never pass a bus that is unloading or loading unless a physical barrier like a median is separating the lanes.
  • Always give pedestrians right of way. When you see a school bus, pause and make sure to stop if a child is crossing.
  • Watch for flashing yellow lights on a school bus that indicate the bus will be stopping to unload or load students. Slow down and stop if you are behind the bus.
  • Obey every bus' red lights and flashing stop sign and always come to a complete stop. Don't begin to move again until the bus does.
  • Never exceed the 25 mph speed limit in marked school zones. Always slow down, even if you don't see any children in your immediate path.

As a personal injury attorney, this time of year is always a little scary because it means new students put in potentially dangerous situations. Kids should have the right to focus on the school day ahead, and not about scary car accidents. By slowing down, following the necessary traffic laws and stopping for pedestrians, we can create a safe and happy environment for school children.


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