motor, scooter, injury, accident, injuries, VA, lawyer, ATV, motorcycleRiding a motor scooter, moped, ATV, or motorcycle requires a heightened level of caution and vigilance. Why? Because you are fully exposed in an accident and could suffer a very serious injury like a shattered pelvis, broken leg, and/or traumatic brain injury. It is not like driving a car or truck, where you have the frame of the vehicle (and air bags in most cars) to provide some level of protection. In fact, bone fractures occur in about 25 percent of all scooter accident injuries.

Unfortunately, a man in Staunton, Virginia (VA) threw caution to the wind on his scooter by running a red light on Greenville Avenue and wound up slamming directly into an SUV. The scooter operator suffered serious injuries and is in serious condition at University of Virginia Medical Center, according to

In the year 2000, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported there were almost 40,000 scooter accident injuries that required medical attention in an emergency room.

These facts are not meant to dissuade you from enjoying a ride on your motor scooter. Just be aware of the risks and exercise caution. Always wear a helmet. You are not legally required in VA, but it is strongly recommended. A helmet is currently the best protection available to prevent a serious head injury. And, as always, obey street signs and traffic signals.