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Selma Blair Involved in Car Accident While Pregnant

Actress Selma Blair was involved in a car accident with a UPS truck. Fortunately, the wreck was only a minor fender bender, and Blair was not harmed in the accident. She was on her way to an appointment at a home birthing clinic in Los Angeles when the accident happened, according to

We are glad Blair was able to avoid injury and leave the scene of the accident without having any issues with her soon-to-be baby. Many women involved in a car wreck while pregnant are not so lucky. In fact, it is quite common for a woman to suffer both injuries to herself and even her unborn child.

How does a car crash while pregnant lead to the unborn baby suffering an injury? If the accident is serious, the airbag might deploy and hit the mother's stomach. Another harmful situation is when the pregnant woman is involved in a rear-end car wreck. In that scenario, it is common for the expectant mother to be jerked forward and have her stomach hit the steering wheel.

These are just some of the typical accident scenarios that expecting mothers might encounter. To learn more, read this article written by a lawyer who was also involved in a car accident while pregnant


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