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Semi Crash in Portsmouth, VA Kills 1, Injures Another

A rear-end collision between two tractor-trailers in Portsmouth, Virginia (VA), left one big rig operator dead and the other trucker suffering from back injuries. The truck crash occurred on the West Norfolk Bridge section of the Western Freeway shortly before 9 am on August 5, 2015.



The wreck began when one of the big rig operators lost control and sideswiped a Jersey wall, That initial impact caused the out-of-control trucker's trailer to detach and his cab to continue forward into the back end of the other truck. The driver who ran out of control died, while the other semi driver sustained injuries that were not considered life-threatening but did require hospital treatment. The crash also inflicted major damage to signs and safety equipment along the bridge span.

The loss of life is tragic, and the injuries may have been avoidable. Common reasons commercial drivers cause crashes include experiencing mechanical failures and having medical emergencies. Regular inspections and proper maintenance greatly reduce risks for brake failures, tire blowouts and engine and steering problems. Similarly, getting enough sleep, passing medical screenings and taking time off when sick reduce the possibility of losing control because one is in poor health.

Whatever happened to set the stage for this deadly truck crash in Portsmouth, my Virginia Beach-based personal injury and wrongful death law firm colleagues and I send out or wishes for a quick and full recovery to the injured trucker. We also extend condolences to the friends and family members of the man who lost his life. 


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