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Semi Driver Charged in Fatal Isle of Wight Rear-End Collision

A passenger in the backseat of a car died when the smaller vehicle was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer at a stop light in Isle of Wight County, Virginia (VA). That initial rear-end collision at the intersection of Carrollton Boulevard and Brewers Neck Boulevard in the community of Bartlett set off a chain reaction that wrecked three other vehicles and sent four other people to the hospital with injuries.



Police have charged the commercial truck driver with reckless driving. Additional charges may follow once the investigation is concluded.

This deadly May 19,2016, wreck in Western Tidewater is similar to a fatal rear-end collision at a red light on Northampton Boulevard/Route 13 in Virginia Beach that occurred three days earlier. In both, a tractor-trailer driver failed to slow down and stop in time to avoid crashing into lines of cars standing at red lights. Speeding was cited in the Virginia Beach accident, but it remains unclear if the truck driver in Isle of Wight County was exceeding the speed limit.

Truck drivers must control their speed, watch closely for red lights and changes in traffic flows, and give themselves plenty of time and distance to come to a stop. The reckless driving charges indicate that the tractor-trailer operators badly failed to meet those duties. However the criminal cases get resolved, the family members of the deceased victims, as well as the people who suffered injuries, may want to consult with a Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney to discuss how they can hold the at-fault drivers accountable for settling insurance claims and paying damages.


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