Sen. Schumer Wants New Train Regulations Enacted Faster

US Senator Charles Schumer is trying to speed up the new train safety laws that are to be enacted regarding the transportation of dangerous chemicals across the US.

New regulations have been proposed by the Department of Transportation but they may not be enacted until later next year.

The new laws would create new, lower speed limits for oil and hazardous chemical trains. Trains with hazardous chemicals would have to be marked as such, and oil train cars would have to be enhanced for greater safety in the case of a derailment.

The law also mandates that old, DOT-111 oil train cars be eliminated from the line in two years.

The Department of Transportation has been taking comments for months about the proposed new regulations. Schumer noted this week that most rail and oil companies are against these changes. The DOT has until the end of December to submit their final version of the new laws.

As train accident personal injury lawyers, we see the results of train and rail company negligence, which can lead to serious injury and death for both train workers and the public. In one case, we settled a case for $190,000 when a train derailed and injured our client, who was an engineer on the train. Poor upkeep and lax safety rules on trains and railroads often lead to catastrophe, so we support stricter rules for trains with hazardous chemicals.


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