Sentara Princess Anne Hospital Opens in Virginia Beach, VA

It's always exciting to see a new state of the art medical facility opening where you live. In Virginia Beach, VA, Sentara, already nationally recognized, has opened a new hospital on Princess Anne Road.

The sad part is that. as
Virginia personal injury lawyers, we will inevitably have many clients who were rushed to this new hospital for circumstances other than elective surgeries or the birth of a new baby. The truth is that in our line of work, many of our clients have permanent brain injuries, broken bones and other serious injuries as a result of car crashes, falls and defective products. Although thatt may sound a bit depressing, the uplifting part is when you see the smile on a mother's face because she knows she will be able to afford care and rehabilitation for her son or the look of relief when a client finds out that their medical recovery and lost wages have been taken care of.


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Our experienced personal injury lawyers only practice personal injury and while that may take us to the new Sentara Princess Anne hospital under less than happy circumstances we will leave, as we have countless times before, knowing that we have helped someone regain recovery from a serious accident.



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