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Separate Virginia Beach Accidents Injure Pedestrians

Around 6 pm, January 13, 2015, was a particularly bad time to be a pedestrian in Virginia Beach, VA. That Tuesday evening rush hour period saw separate car accidents send one man and one woman to hospitals with serious injuries. The wreck in which the male victim got hurt occurred on Birdneck Road near the Oceanfront, while the crash in which the woman got injured happened close to Town Center and the I-264 interchange on S. Independence Boulevard.



Those pedestrian accidents followed by about 36 hours a collision at Baxter and Kenley roads in which a car crashed into a student walking to school on Monday morning. If bad news does come in threes, perhaps Virginia Beach residents can cross roads with heightened senses of security for the next few days.

In reality, the Resort City presents few comforts for people who prefer to walk. Many neighborhoods lack sidewalks, too many major intersections do not have crosswalks and heavily visited areas such as Shore Drive present too many temptations to both speed and jaywalk. Even when pedestrians cross at corners, wait for green lights in their direction and seek out crosswalks, drivers can prove too distracted or in too much of a hurry to make stepping off the curb safe.

My Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues and I have written many times about the need for drivers to constantly watch for pedestrians and yield right of way when appropriate. More such admonitions would likely go unheeded, but they are messages that need to be taken to heart and put into practice.


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