Serious Slip and Fall Injuries Can Happen Anywhere to Anyone

Some people think a slip and fall injury isn’t very serious.  Many times people simply fall and walk away with just bruises or a scrape.  Nevertheless, there are over one million people each year in the United States who suffer asignificant slip, trip, or fall that causes a serious, debilitating injury.  Slip and fall accidents can cause not only serious injuries but death as well.  Statistics show that an average of 17,000 Americans die from their slip and fall accidents.  In fact, slips and falls are the single most common reason for visits to the emergency room.

Slip and fall injuries can happen to anyone at any time. For example, in Louisiana, a CEO of a local hospital suffered injuries due to a fall in a Chinese restaurant parking lot.




As experienced Virginia Beach personal injury lawyers, we are familiar with the many types of injuries that can occur after a slip or fall.  If you are on someone else's property and are injured as a result of a dangerous condition on the property, the landowner may be liable for the injury or injuries. The person or company using the land can also be liable, like the store, restaurant or business renting the building, if they were the ones at fault. The injured person must show that the land owner or user did something wrong to hold them responsible, like that they created a danger, failed to inspect the premises, or carelessly failed to warn of a hidden hazard.

The law applying to slip and fall cases usually requires that the business be "on notice" that there was a problem to correct. This means that a condition on the floor for less than five minutes is often not a reasonable opportunity for a business to correct, as opposed to a longer timeframe, as just one example. But there are circumstances where the business owner failed to take reasonable action and an innocent person suffered serious harm. For example, we represented a client who slipped on a wet floor at a local restaurant. She went to use the restroom and on her way slipped on a surface that was covered with liquid. As a result of the fall, our client suffered a fracture to her wrist. She was kept out of work for approximately two months during her recovery. Her surgery required screws to be put in place so that her wrist would heal properly. 

This slip and fall injury case was successfully settled for $150,000, and that’s because of the severity of the injuries to our client


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