While traveling on the highway, my client, then 33 weeks pregnant, was involved in a chain reaction car wreck because of a distracted driver.  My client was in the middle of the reaction and as a result of the impact she went into early labor.  Her son was born seven weeks early and he was required to stay in the hospital for approximately six weeks. 

Luckily, the baby is doing very well.  However, those first weeks were extremely difficult for mother and father as they were constantly wondering whether their child would be alright.  Cases like these are not uncommon.  Many women who are pregnant get involved in car accidents. 

However, the implications of a car wreck that involves a pregnant woman are far greater.  Stress is one of the greatest instigators for early labor.  Once my client arrived at the hospital the doctors were unable to prevent her body from going into full blown labor.  My client’s medical bills were only the cost of delivering her baby, which she would have incurred even if she was not involved in the wreck. 

However, my client’s case was more about the pain and suffering she endured.  There is no number that can quantify what a new mother goes through when she has to worry that her baby is unhealthy or might not survive.  These are the concerns my client had to face when she watched her son in the NICU for six weeks.

Not only did my client have to endure the horrible experience of worrying about her son’s health. She was traveling at the time of the wreck and therefore she had to stay at a hospital approximately five hours from her home for the entire time that her son was in the hospital. She and her husband slept on cots without any of their basic necessities, which they would have had if they were at home. For these reasons, I was able to obtain a favorable settlement for the mother, $30,000.00.

For the child’s case the medical bills were significant.  This child was in the hospital for approximately six weeks which as many of you know can be quite expensive.  I was able to obtain $65,000.00 on the child’s behalf.  This money will go into a structured settlement so that the child will have money to pay for college and any future medical bills that he might incur.  While the baby was fortunate to be released from the hospital with no longstanding diagnosis the baby is still very young and it is impossible to be completely certain that he will not suffer any medical issues as a result of his early delivery. 

As an experienced lawyer, I have advised my clients to put their child’s money into a structured settlement so that their son’s money can earn the most possible interest.  If you or anyone you know has been involved in a car wreck while pregnant please call this firm.  I too was in a car wreck while pregnant and have the personal experience that will help to fully develop your case.