Recently, an SUV (sport utility vehicle) ran a stop sign and slammed into the back of a Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) school bus, which ended up injurying at least 8 people. The school bus accident happened  early in the morning around 7 AM at the 4500 block of Wilkinson Boulevard. The entire accident was reported by local TV station WBTV.

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As the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department states, Mecklenburg school bus number 1696 was on its routine trip to West Charlotte High school to deliever its students when the SUV appeared to have ran a stop sign and slammed into the back side of the school bus.

First responder emergency crews carried 7 students to Carolinas Medical Center-Main, but the bus driver was taken to Presbyterian Main for treatment of injuries he sustained in the school bus wreck. To the chagrin of the unharmed students, they were promptly taken to their school by another bus.

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