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Scooter Driver Injured in Charlottesville Crash

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A scooter driver in Charlottesville has landed in the intensive care unit of the local hospital after a serious wreck. The scooter collided with a Toyota Rav4 at the intersection of Fourth Street Southeast and East Water street. The crash sent the driver of the scooter off his vehicle, causing his helmet to go flying off his head. He was transported to the University of Virginia Medical Center with apparent head injuries. 

The driver of the Toyota was not injured and has not been charged. Police are still investigating the wreck.

Scooters, like motorcycles, do not fare well in accidents with larger vehicles. The sheer size discrepancy between the size of the average scooter and the average car makes it difficult for scooter drivers to walk away from crashes unscathed. We can only hope this driver will pull through and make a full recovery.

Though the scooter driver was wearing a helmet in this crash, the incident just proves how important it is to select the right helmet for you. A good helmet should not malfunction when it's needed most, by flying off during an accident. If you're a scooter driver, make sure to read safety reviews and try out several models before selecting a helmet to purchase. Always wear your helmet when driving a scooter, and make sure it is worn in the proper fashion. 

As a Virginia injury attorney, I've seen how quickly these kinds of accidents can turn deadly. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, give us a call.  

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