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VA Truck Accident Injury Lawyers: Sharing Roads Safely with Trucks Pulling Double Trailers

The best VA truck accident injury lawyers.Recently, we covered a semi truck traffic accident in Virginia caused by a commercial truck pulling two trailers. The crash allegedly took place when a gust of wind blew the second trailer off balance, causing the entire vehicle to tip over and injuring the truck driver. While some double-trailer truck accidents can’t be prevented or avoided, others can be. Below, find some tips on how you can safely share the road with these dangerous vehicles. 

  • Longer trucks, bigger blind spots. Trucks pulling double trailers are almost twice as long as traditional 18-wheelers. This means that their blind spots are even bigger. Never assume that a truck driver can see your car, and be especially careful when driving behind or next to their vehicles. 
  • Even wider turns. These trucks need lots of room when making turns—and may even need to make three-point turns in order to negotiate a curve. Be especially careful when on the right side of a truck that is turning right. 
  • Passing problems. Trucks pulling double trailers are much less stable than shorter vehicles—and their second trailer can be affected easily by poor roads, wind, bad weather, or improperly secured loads. Be extra cautious when attempting to pass these vehicles. 


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