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Sideswipe Crash Injures 4 Children in Greenville, SC

Four children went to the hospital with serious injuries after their car collided with another vehicle in Greenville, South Carolina (SC), on the morning of August 26, 2016. The sideswipe crash occurred near the intersection of Edwards Road and Everest Street shortly after one of the drivers turned onto Edwards.



Reports on the wreck are confusing, making it unclear which driver crossed the center line of the road and set the stage for the accident. Either the 24-year-old man traveling alone in one car turned wide onto the main road from the side street, or the 17-year-old driver giving rides to the other three children did. The result was that the vehicles made contact with enough force to inflict serious injuries on all four of the youngest people involved. The ages of the injured child passengers were given as 15, 13 and 12.

Police investigators must answer the central question of which driver caused the wreck so the parents of the injured children will know which insurance company to contact. Even if the teen driver acted negligent by turning wide and going into the lane of oncoming traffic, the children's parents could make claims against his insurance policy. Drivers have legal duties to act in ways that protect the lives and health of their passengers. Failing to meet that duty makes a driver liable for passengers' injuries even if the passengers are friends or family members.

Consulting with an experienced Carolina personal injury lawyer will help the parents of the injured children receive the answers they need from crash investigators. A legal advisor and representative will also make sure the insurance company treats the families fairly when offering settlements or paying judgments. 


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