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Single Car Accidents are Not Always the Driver’s Fault

Usually when you hear about a single car accident on the news it’s a serious one.  Most people usually dismiss this as tragic but most likely the driver’s fault.  But this is not always the case and many times car accidents where the only witness is the deceased driver are written off quickly by the insurance company without much research. Recently, a Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) man was killed when his truck went off the Interstate, crashed and burst into flames.  The car crash occurred at I-64 East at Battlefield Blvd. and closed the highway for several hours as police investigated the fatal crash.

These are several examples when a single car accident would not be the driver’s fault:

Flying objects hitting a vehicle would not be considered an at-fault accident for the driver. Rocks hitting your windshield from the back of a dump truck, or an unsecured load from another driver are both instances that could cause a single vehicle accident.  Yet if the other party never stops it can be difficult for the family to prove such a thing happened.  As Virginia (VA) car accident lawyers we have seen cases such as this.  According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), more than 400 people are killed every year in crashes that are caused by road debris that falls off of non-commercial cars and trucks. There are also another 10,000 victims who are seriously injured from road debris car accidents.

Another instance where a single vehicle car accident would not be an at-fault accident for the driver is if a mechanical failure led the driver to lose control of the car, a member of his immediate family might be able to pursue a civil case against the state or the automobile manufacturer. Such a case can take years to reach a conclusion, but legal mechanisms do exist for holding governmental organizations and private corporations accountable for failing to correct situations and equipment that can produce injuries.


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