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Single-Vehicle Accident Leaves One Dead and Many Questions

Yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC), a man died  when he lost control of his pickup truckThe accident happened around 3:30 on Bellhaven Boulevard. Officers say the 39-year-old man ran off the right side of the road, lost control of his Nissan pickup, and crashed into three trees.  Rescue workers say he died at the scene. Officers say the crash is under investigation by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's major crash investigation unit.

Single-vehicle accidents often leave the family and investigators with a lot of questions. Did the vehicle malfunction?  Did a tire blow out? Sometimes it is a malfunction or defective equipment on the vehicle that caused the wreck.

single vehicle accident

Was there debris in the road? If so, whose responsibility is it to clean the debris to protect motorists? Our thoughts go out to his family at this time.  As an experienced personal injury attorney I've seen insurance companies that are reluctant to claim any responsibilities for single-vehicle accidents in the hopes that something or someone else can be held liable for the wreck.

Single-vehicle accidents are not rare, according to
the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. A person is fatally hurt in a car crash every 12 seconds, and every 14 seconds, someone is injured in a car wreck. Around 30,000 people in the United States die in car wrecks each year, and approximately 32 percent of them are the result of drunk driving, and 30 percent are the result of speeding.


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