Three Victims of Maryland Plane Crash from North Carolina

A mother and her two young children are among the six victims who were killed when a small jet crashed into a Gaithersburg, Maryland. The plane was approximately one mile away from Montgomery County Airpark, where the aircraft was heading.

As the jet came crashing down, it made a gash into the roof of one home as it landed against a second home. One of the jet’s wings, which contained fuel, came crashing onto a third home, which cause the home to burst into flame.

Inside the burned out home, firefighters found the bodies of the 36-year-old mother, holding onto the bodies of her seven-week old and three-year-old sons. The woman’s five-year-old daughter and husband were not at home when the crash occurred.

All three people on board the plane were also killed. The three victims were from Raleigh, North Carolina and included a 52-year-old CEO of a North Carolina-based biopharma corporation. There are reports that he was involved in another small plane crash at the Montgomery County Airpark four years ago.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was on the scene investigating and was able to recover the plane’s black box, which is currently being analyzed to see if it will provide clues as to the reason for the crash.

Witnesses reported that just prior to the crash, it was obvious the pilot was struggling with the sticks of the plane. They said the plane would gain some elevation, but then drop down again. The plane then made a hard right turn, then a left before it began to barrel roll and crash into the neighborhood.

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