Six-Vehicle Crash in Newport News Sends 4 to Hospitals

Four people suffered serious injuries in a six-vehicle crash in Newport News, Virginia (VA). The pile up occurred near the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Lee Road at around 6:45 am on July 6, 2016.



According to witnesses and police, a driver described as "behaving erratically" initiated the wreck by making an unsafe lane change and crossing in the path of oncoming traffic. Other details about the chain of events, the identity of the injured victims and the nature of their injuries were not released. Also unclear is whether any of the other drivers involved in the crash acted negligently in ways that led them to hit one of the other cars involved.

Clearly defining what each driver did in this Newport News car accident will be necessary for the injured victims to file insurance claims. The driver weaving in and out traffic before he crossed the center lane may or may not be the sole cause of the wreck. Other drivers may or may not have responsibility. Answering questions of fault and receiving adequate compensation for medical bills and other financial losses inflicted by a negligent or reckless driver can be difficult.

Consulting with an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer can help injured people understand what crash investigators' finding mean for them, weigh the options for and benefits of filing claims with more than one insurance company and recognize when a settlement offer is unfair.


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