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SkyExpress Bus Leaving Greensboro NC Crashes in Virginia (VA) Killing Four

An accident involving a SkyExpress bus has left four dead and several more injuried. The bus had left from Greensboro, North Carolina (NC), and was travelling to New York City, when it overturned just north of Richmond, Virginia (VA). The result was terrible, as four people were killed and as many as 20 were left injured. Federal regulators has since shut down the SkyExpress bus line entirely, and Virginia police have cited the driver of the bus with reckless driving. It is believed that driver fatigue played a role in the accident.

Accidents are not intentional acts, but many accidents can be prevented with a little planning and common sense.  Driving while fatigued is estimated to be responsible for more than 100,000 police-reported crashes each year, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is far too common problem to ignore. Many people try to push through the fatigue to make it to their destination, and that decision can be a fatal one. It is especially scary when there is a professional driver or pilot that does this, when you have placed your trust in their hands. Nobody expects their driver or pilot to literally fall asleep at the wheel.  

Our thoughts and concerns go out to the families of the deceased as well as those who were injured. Our firm has represented the families of people who have been killed due to the negligence of others, and has extensive experience litigating cases in both North Carolina and Virginia. Several of our attorneys are licensed in both states, and all of our attorneys have handled cases in both jurisdictions. While not all cases meet our criteria, if you believe you or a family member has been the victim of a negligent driver, please give us a call.

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