Slip and Fall Injury Victim Receives $15 Million Jury Award

A truck driver who was making a delivery to a Wal-Mart suffered a slip and fall injury from grease and ice that was outside the store. The grease leaked from a deli that featured a device that was supposed to capture grease before it made it outside, according to ABC News.

The truck driver suffered serious spinal cord injuries and was unable to continue working in the same position. Fortunately, the trucker sought legal counsel and filed a slip and fall injury claim. A jury recognized that Wal-Mart was negligent in the care of their store and should compensate the trucker. They awarded him $15 million for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

This may be one of the largest slip and fall jury verdicts in the country, according to the Los Angeles Times. However, Wal-Mart intends to appeal. This is not surprising since many big corporations are more than willing to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees to make sure injured victims are not properly compensated.

Our firm fully appreciates the challenges associated with slip and fall injury cases. The at-fault business owners are not eager to settle these claims and usually take them all the way to court. Let's hope the truck driver's verdict is affirmed by the appeals court and some semblance of justice is served.




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