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Sony Recalls VAIO Flip PC Laptop for Fire Hazard

Sony is recalling VAIO Flip PC laptops due to the risk of fire and burn hazards. PR Newsire reports that the computer, model number SVF11N13CXS, has lithium-ion batteries that can overheat and pose a risk of fire and burns. Sony states that consumers should cease use of the flip laptop immediately, shut it down, and unplug it.

Four incidents have been attributed to the defect, all of which have occurred in Asia. The computers overheated, caught on fire, and melted. No incident have taken place in the United States, but Sony does not want to take any risks, and neither should the consumer.

Laptop recalls are not uncommon, as revealed by a quick search online. Nor are they to be taken lightly. Some 4 years ago, Acer recalled Acer Aspire-series notebooks for parallel concerns. A defective microphone wire had the potential to short circuit and overheat. About 22,000 computer were recalled. In 2010, state police confirmed that an HP Pavilion Notebook started a fire that destroyed a Massachusetts man’s home. The defective battery transformed the laptop into an incendiary time-bomb, eventually causing it to overheat and burst into flames.

Our firm works with product recall cases to ensure that an adequate settlement is reached between the injured party and product manufacturer or distributor. Product recall cases  require an extensive amount of research that can be nearly impossible to manage amidst a client’s already busy schedule.

Through the course of our investigation, we comb through the different variables involved in defective product suits. It begins with the defect itself, and determining whether it is a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or both. Then we proceed with establishing whether or not there was a failure to warn consumers, a breach of warranty, any liability clauses, and state consumer protection law.

Using the latest Sony recall as an example, we already know that they have taken efforts to inform consumers about the VAIO laptop’s defects. But were these efforts sufficient enough to warn consumers about the dangers the VAIO Flip PC laptop poses? That is the sort of question we seek to answer, and from that point continue our investigation to vigorously defend your case.

If you are in possession of a VAIO Flip PC laptop, contact Sony toll-free at (866) 702-7669 at any time, or online at

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