Sore Loser - Louisiana Tech Football Coach Punches Glass, Injures ODU Fans

Louisiana Tech and Old Dominion University battled in an overtime thriller where ODU came out victorious, 30-27. However, that wasn't the only drama at the Oyster Bowl. A Louisiana Tech assistant football coach punched out a portion of a window in a press box at ODU which sent shards of glass flying onto ODU fans.

A fan suffered injuries and needed medical attention.

Reports indicate that the press box window was not broken in anger. Instead, it was broken due to excitement after Louisiana Tech kicked a field goal in the first half of the game. Keep in mind, excitement is not a legitimate legal defense, nor a reasonable excuse for destroying property and injuring spectators.

As a result of this coach's reckless behavior, a confrontation occurred between fans and Louisiana Tech coaches as they went to the locker room at halftime, just moments after the glass was broken, according to the Virginian PilotLouisiana Tech coaches were reportedly “unapologetic about the incident” as they walked downstairs.

Malcolm Butler, an associate athletic director for Louisiana Tech, said, after the game, that "we certainly regret that this incident occurred."

It's frustrating to read this type of story. As an ODU graduate, and attendee at this great game, it's unfortunate that many fans had their game experience ruined by this irresponsible coach. Common sense tells us that if you pound on glass, there's a risk it will break and shatter. 

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