After a car-cyclist collision in rural South Carolina last week, many residents are taking sides when it comes to whether drivers should have to share the road with cyclists.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, 41-year-old Daniel Johnson was driving on Beech Island Avenue when he plowed into a group of cyclists with his SUV. Five of the twelve bike riders were injured, with one man suffering a serious head injury during the car and bike collision. Johnson admitted to police that he was distracted when he drove into the back of the group of bikers, though authorities have not said what Johnson was specifically doing at the time of the accident.

A new father, doctor, and Iraq war veteran, 37-year-old Matthew Burke was rushed to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury after the crash. A fellow rider said that after the accident, Burke’s chest was heaving and blood was running down his head. Other riders sustained bumps, bruises, and broken bones.

While some say that the riders shouldn’t be crowding the curvy rural road in such large numbers, others say that Johnson was doing a poor job or sharing the road with cyclists. Some sided with Johnson, saying that the road was too narrow for so many cyclists, while others pointed out that Johnson was not paying attention and could have easily struck a car on the shoulder or hit a pedestrian.

No charges have been filed against the driver of the car, though the car accident is still under investigation.