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South Carolina Family Wins $525,000 Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A South Carolina family won a wrongful death lawsuit against the State of New York after their father died while in jail after three police officers subdued him while he was in custody.

According to the New York Times, 60-year-old Clarence Mobley had been arrested for burglary in 2009 and was awaiting transfer to a psychiatric hospital when he hit a police officer with a metal tray.  In response, three officers subdued the man, leaving him with fatal injuries. Though he was beaten badly, however, he was not given any medical attention. Another inmate who was mopping the area later that day discovered Mobley’s unresponsive body and he was soon after pronounced dead.

Mobley’s daughter, Ayanna Castro, told the media that she doesn’t care about the half-million dollar wrongful death settlement – she cares about the police officers that caused her father’s death going home to their families each night and not suffering serious consequences for their actions.
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